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The Roamarazzi Photo Booth is a new addition to our services.  We're always looking for new ways to give our customers and their guests the best experience possible.  Our newest product, The Roamarazzi Photo Booth, adds a new dimension to event photography and our photo booth lineup.  It takes the photo booth to your guests.

We come to you!  Unlike the typical photo booths tucked in the corner, our roaming photographer has the ability to roam the party and capture photos from anywhere!  An attendant walks around with The Roamarazzi Photo Booth and encourages your guests to take photos.  The photos can be still photos, GIFs or Boomerangs, branded with your event, which can be sent instantly via text or email.

This is also a great option at Corporate Events, Conventions, Festivals, Sporting Events, and more.  Where there is a lot of ground to cover, The Raomarazzi Photo Booth being mobile, can cover a lot more ground than the typical photo booth.


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Reasons an Open Photo Booth is Better You may think you've seen one photo booth; you've seen them all. You would be wrong. Conventional photo booths like you see in the mall or a carnival involve a big box that you sit behind a thick curtain. That's fine if you don't want an audience or you only need room for one or two people. It's not so good when you're at a wedding or party. Why hide the fun? An open photo booth like ours lets everyone enjoy they fun you're having and see the craziness. Here are a few reasons why you might want an open photo booth. 

Everyone Is In On The Action 

With an open photo booth, everyone at your event can see what’s going on in the booth. Guests get ideas for their own poses as they watch, or they just get dragged into the booth. 

More People, More Fun 

Squeezing lots of people into a conventional booth is fun for a few seconds until claustrophobia kicks in. The record number of people in our booth stands at THIRTEEN right now. More people = more fun. 

Portable And Flexible Setup For Your Venue 

Our booth setup gives amazing flexibility and portability. Want a booth on a rooftop? No problem. Want to use a cool brick wall in a tight corner of your venue as the backdrop? No troubles. We can setup just about anywhere. 

Limitless Customization 

Whether you opt for one of our stock backdrops, a brick wall, a DIY backdrop using flowers, pinwheels, fans, masks, or whatever, the options for customizing our booths are endless. All of which you couldn't do in an enclosed booth.


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Photo Booths and Corporate Events Mention photo booth in a conversation and everyone thinks “Weddings”.  Photo booths aren’t just for weddings these days.  The photo booth has made a huge comeback lately.  A photo booth is great addition to make your corporate event, trade show, marketing event, or company party, a fun and memorable experience.  A photo booth provides a little memento of the great time they had at your event and can potentially lead to more clients.

Hiring a photo booth will give your event additional advantages.  It will provide a fun and exciting way of capturing their memories.  The photo booth can be customized for any function, size, and theme.  They can be used for your brand with the use of branded photos.  Whether an extravagant event with a professional touch for your guest or hosting an evening event and want to add an element of fun to the party, a photo booth is an excellent addition.

A photo booth can offer a wide variety of props for guest to pose with.  Prop are typically included with the photo booth rental and are tied to the event theme.  You can supply your own company memorabilia, signs, props, etc., to match your company or theme.  Props that are usually included are masks, hats, tiaras, glasses, prop signs, and many more.

You have a great event going on, people are enjoying the food, drinks, and entertainment.  Why stop there.  Share the moment with everyone.  Branded social posting can put great photos of people enjoying your event.  It also puts your company on display for considerably more people to see.  This gives an opportunity for your guest to interact with each other in a fun, more relaxed setting.  The photos are branded for your event with your logo and uploaded to social media.  This gives an increased online presence for your company as guest share through social media, email, text messages. 

A photo booth is a great addition along with your professional event photographer.  Some events, depending on size and number of guests, can be difficult even for the best event photographers to capture everyone.  Adding a photo booth for an event will encourage people to have their photo taken.  When guests arrive, and see a photo booth, they know that there is fun to be had.  A photo booth is like a people magnet.  A photo booth can be a great compliment to your event photographer.

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Customize Your Photo Booth Strip Design We let you customize everything.  Why?  Easy, it's all about you.  Custom photo strips are a necessity for making your photo booth a reflection of you.  From over the top designs to rustic, simple designs, we got you covered.

Color coordination is key.  Your wedding colors can be worked into the design along with a coordinating backdrop. 


Do you have a theme for your wedding?  Beach, 50's, carnival, etc., no problem.  Along with coordinating your colors, we can work in your theme into the photo strip.

Your design can include three or four shots per strip. Your choice will affect the size of the printed images of course, so bear this in mind! The three picture strip gives you more space for names and dates to customize, the four picture style only gives you names.  Our most popular design is the three picture strip.


Fonts, colors, patterns, Oh My!!  Designs are virtually limitless.   


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Photo Booth: Yes or No? That is The Question Are you struggling to decide whether you should go with “traditional wedding favors” or have a photo booth and have the hottest trend in wedding favors?  Photo booths are such a huge hit at weddings!  They are getting more popular by the day.  There is so much you can do with those photo strips.  You can get frames, bookmarks, magnets, etc. made specifically for the photo strips.  This could be an affordable way of giving a different kind wedding favor to guest.

Memory albums can also make a great addition to your wedding.  Memory albums will have all the photos that were taken at your wedding.  Guest will be able to write a personal note to the bride and groom along with a copy of their photo.  You can flip through the pages of photos and relive those precious moments and have a good laugh or two at what some people will do in front of the camera.


“I've been to a few weddings where I loved interacting with the photo booth, but the photo got buried in a purse or tossed on a desk, never to be seen again.”  No worries.  If this happens, we have all the photos uploaded to social media and website hosted photo gallery.  Guest who lose, damage, or just want a digital image instead of a print, can just download from the web gallery or tag and share from social media.


“The photo booth will compete with the dance floor.  Everyone will not be up and dancing.”  Music and dancing is contagious.  Good music and energy will keep most people on the dance floor.  There will be times of lull where people will sit for a rest, or grab a drink or cocktail, something to eat, or some just don’t dance.  There will be good flow of dancing and people going to the photo booth.


“We went to a wedding where an entire table of friends was waiting in line for the photo booth, when the salad course was served and cleaned up because they were still in line.”  This won’t happen with us.  We have what we call “Idle Time”.  The photo booth shuts down for certain periods of time that you specify, such as ceremony, dinner, toasting, etc.  You tell us when you want the photo booth to operate.


We hope this will answer most of your questions about whether you will consider a photo booth at your wedding.  We are committed to answering every question you may have about having a photo booth.

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