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GFX Sports
(Formally La Sports Photography)

When it comes to your pictures, we provide you with the highest quality images and the most current graphics.   We work to make sure that the designs we use are always the best they can be!


Action Photos

We cover all types of sports from little league baseball, gymnastics, to high school volleyball and football and all sports in between.  


Senior Portraits

Your senior photos are a BIG DEAL!  Senior portraits are one of the most important photos you will take.  It is a huge milestone that starts the beginning of the venture to adulthood.  You session with us will be fun and relaxed. 


GFX Booth
(Formally LaBooth Photo Booth)

We can provide premium photo booth rentals for weddings, corporate and social events.  We want to be there to help brides, parents, event planners, or anyone that is hosting an event, overcome the stress of finding a high quality photo booth.